Friday, April 11, 2014

Winter Storms



Hopefully we've had the last of the snow for the season.  The tree leaning over is the neighbors after a snow/ice storm we had.  I am so glad to see signs of spring.  Most of the snow is gone.  Today it is raining.  They predicted an ice storm but thankfully we didn't get it.  We've even had some 60 degree days with sun which is wonderful.
The gardens and sculpture center has beautiful displays of flowers, orchids, waterfall, green plants, etc.  It is always so refreshing to walk in their greenhouse.  They have a butterfly exhibit every year along with other exhibits, a wonderful café and gift shop.
I finished the mittens yesterday while waiting for my car at the shop.  The lady waiting next to me said, "I hope those are not for this year anymore, but next!"  I certainly hope so too.  I had started these quite a while ago.  The pattern is from a little booklet called Learn to Knit.  I bought it for 25 cents so you know how old it is!
Just went to get a sample of paint for the bathroom.  Want a blue/gray, but not too dark since that bathroom is small.

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